Absolutely Fabulous T-shirt - the perfect Easter gift

Easter - another chance to receive, but also give the perfect gift to your beloved mother, girlfriend or colleague, just to simply put a smile upon their faces. Starting today you can find any of our Absolutely Fabulous T-shirts at a special price. Visit DivaCharms and choose your favorite Absolutely Fabulous T-shirt.


Iyashi Dome - the perfect body detox

As we recently said we test quite often the treatments from Michelle Anti Ageing & Dental Clinic. And one of them became our favorite. Iyashi Dome is an experience in well-being. While our living organism produces energy to function, it also accumulates toxins. We also ingest other noxious sustances from atmospheric and nutritional pollution. These toxins combine to accelerate ageing and weaken our immune system. The Iyashi Dome was created to help eradicate the build up of toxins, and restore the body to its natural state of equilbrium, by helping your body Rejuvenate, Retone, and Relax.

Hello Easter

I could say that usually words do flow pretty easily for me, but this week I was kind of wordless. Maybe because I was too busy drooling at Easter's recipes?!? So, no more words! Only photos with easy and simple recipes, for an unusual Easter, a green one: say hello to my new favorite thing - a bellini bar   ( prosecco & fruit nectar or puree ); a fig, goat cheese + asparagus salad; raise your hand if you love artichokes; and finally a fabulous cake, not so green, but I deserve it! All recommended by our specialists.


There are only a few things that make us more excited than a beautiful holiday. And these few things would be sweets and fabulous dresses. When? Anytime! So rise and shine, baby, call off work and be wild and crazy. Live more by intentions and less from habits. It doesn't hurt from time to time to do whatever you want. Whether is tea and books, long walks in the rain, spectacular dresses from LOULOU, coconut cakes or whether you wanna cuddle in bed and watch old movies,  it's your right to make days count. Today is a perfect day to start leaving your dreams.

Dreamy Moments before Easter

Sometimes we dream of an unexpected break in the middle of the day and sometimes this unexpected simply happens. It is quite impossible to describe how much we appreciate the chance we have once in a while to connect with the people we love around a meal, in the middle of the day, right in the middle of the city. It gives you energy even for a whole month and we are more than grateful for this wonderful luxury we can take advantage of. Since we are counting down the days till Easter we have decided to organize a picnic and spend some quality time just the two of us.


Capture Life

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away! Growing up is never easy, but when you do it  by his side, life gets beautiful. So you better be forever young, wild and free and capture every moment of your life. If you are not good with instagram and if a selfie is not what you are looking for, it means you really need a fabulous photographer who can really capture your smile, his eyes, your hands, your happiness, your love. And if you ask us Silviu from Siluk Photography is the best choice...


Beauty Salon

It took a while, but we have decided. Always complaining about our schedule and never determined to say no to work and yes to our body. Yes, this is what we used to do. And in the same time this is what we started to do from last week. What exactly? Special treatments for our body. A friend advised us to try Michelle Anti-Ageing & Dental Clinic and since we've tested their magic Iyashi Dome procedure, we became addicted.


Friday Shopping Session

A little online shopping never hurt nobody. And when the shopping desire pops in we advise you to enjoy this magnificent moment and spend as much time as you want doing whatever you need. At the end of a hard week every woman needs a break and every woman deserves a Friday shopping session. We usually start  and end this day with the things we enjoy most so we could be sure that we finish the 5 working days  in a pleasant way. So when in need for some shopping ideas we recommend you to just call a friend or simply check our blog.

Guilty Pleasures

When the sun comes out, a walk to the florist is necessary. Especially when you are that type of woman who would rather wear flowers in her hair, than diamonds around her neck. And since you know us so well, we have to admit again that sometimes it is hard to simply repress the need to over dress. So we recommend you to do whatever you feel from time to time, to pick your favorite dress from your wardrobe, to not wait for anyone to bring you flowers, but to buy them by yourself, to act like an independent princess and to brighten up your morning however you want.


Wedding Ideas

Let’s be honest, there are many things to consider when planning a wedding or an event, or a simple bridal shower. Balancing life with the planning process is really a challenge for most of us, but do not worry, you are not alone! From now on, every week, you will definitely find out some fabulous ideas about food, table settings, venues and many more. In other words, interesting and helpful advises that might suit your needs. There is something about this ’industry’ that I can’t quite explain, except that it feels like I’ve finally made it to whatever I was looking for. So starting today Blaga Events is your personal consultant!


Spring Trends

Spring is all about updating your look and your wardrobe. And since the trends are so vast, you can easily adapt them to your fabulous personality. There is something in the air that is making us want to walk on alleys full of cherry blossom tries, on empty beaches with blue waters, something that make us dreaming about holidays, love and summer plans. And this special something is just the spring magic. And because every new beginning needs some magic dust, it's a must to sprinkle some in our wardrobes too and purchase new items. We started our spring shopping session in Marks&Spencer store.


Friday Shopping Session

As you can easily observe, lately we are very fond of menswear, especially when we talk about suits. Whether we talk about business suits, casual suits or summer suits, we say yes and we wear them as much as we can. Now you can take your everyday office wear to a next level and transform it from a daily uniform in a stylish outfit. The suit doesn't have to be stiff, boring and conservative. It can be sexy, sophisticated and fun. And we explored this side wearing the Karl Lagerfeld suits from Alexia Luxury Shop.


Ballerina Dreams

Why push through life, when you can dance through it - this is what our parents used to tell us when we were just two little girls dreaming about unicorns and Prince Charming. Sometimes your childhood dreams are locked and blocked in a forbidden box, but when the right time comes, you decide to use the magic key and unleash your fantasy. This is what we did. We've always been dreaming of being two famous ballerinas, but since the destiny made some other plans for us, this daydream never happened till we found these powder pink dresses from LOULOU.


Five Addictions

Addiction - by Oxford dictionary is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity. According to our own dictionary it is a way of life. We love lots of things, care for hundreds and love too many sometimes. But like every human being on earth we have some impossible to heal addictions. Actually  what we really wanna know is what is your secret addiction? Tell us more about it and you can WIN a {I am Absolutely Fabulous} necklace.


LULU FROST - the jewelry frost

We discovered Lulu Frost years ago, but when we met Lisa few months ago we fell in love with her and her magic jewelry pieces. We invite you to discover all the little details about this fabulous brand...