Timeless Lace

Fashion has fallen in love with lace and so we did. The lace addiction has no cure and it has so many shapes  that you cannot say no its beauty. We know that sometimes it is hard to find the right dress for the right occasion, but for these kind of moments there are solutions. It is easy to built up the picture of modern romance, of a delicate and feminine silhouette when you have a series of everlasting lace dresses. Today we introduce you www.mirelashop.com, a new online shopping website where you can easily find the perfect lace dress in all the colors and shapes you dreamed of.


Party Dress Code

Wonder how to dress for a party? Do you have weekend plans and you don't have the proper outfit for the dress code mentioned on the invitation? We understand you perfectly, because we are every hostess's nightmare - we really have a track record of not observing dress codes. But we don't worry much lately, because stylish ways around this problem truly exist for people like us.(yes, we know, or at least we hope you have the same problem when you read an invitation text). The most important thing is the main item, today two lace dresses from Stilago (which by the was has great discounts for Black Friday). Why?


Get ready for Black Friday

Tomorrow is the big day. It's shopping day. It's Black Friday & we are counting the hours! This is the first sign that Christmas shopping season is ready to start, so you better make time for some online shopping because all the major retailers offer promotional sales. Tomorrow you can find a special discount of 21% on Silago if you buy more than 449 lei and on their website you can also find these two laced dresses we wear in the video.



Exquisite, Bold & Outstanding! Three words to describe the new online platform of Kristina Dragomir and her fall/winter hat collection. For those who are addicted to hats or how we call them head masterpieces and for those who still believe that THE HAT is not a must wear item, we have a recommendation. Visit www.kristinadragomir.com and  we promise you that you will find the perfect head accessory for you and your fabulous boyfriend/ husband/ colleague/ lover :)


Don’t walk, fly!

We usually wear high heels beause we always have meetings and shootings, but for this special shoot we received a challenge from MiniPrix - to explore the city with Fly London. We knew the brand for a long time and we knew the quality of the products. Leather goods, very comfortable and pretty cool shapes. So we took the challenge to explore the city and test the shoes. How was it? Great. The boots that we chose are perfect for autumn and winter and they fit our style. As for their slogan “Don’t walk, fly” we proved that it’s real. Voila!


Today we tell you the story of Balcoanale din... an urban photography project about the balconies around cities in Romania. Created by a professional photographer, Andrei Nemirschi, the project is a series of photographs of strikingly beautiful women  in the setting of old and new balconies of apartment buildings and houses around cities in Romania. The whole concept comprises of a fast paced shooting session with an unique final editing and presentation style.


CHANEL Rouge Allure Gloss

For all women who like to surprise and be surprised, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio creates an exceptional and singularly expressive gloss. A black case with pure lines and a click: the new gloss by CHANEL immediately claims its place in the ROUGE ALLURE legend. A gloss for women who love lipstick? This apparent paradox is an irresistible temptation! A gloss that acts like a lipstick. It is released with one push and reveals itself in a click. Like a lipstick, it seduces with the power of its luminous and intense shades.


Something Couture

We landed back in Bucharest after a trip in London and now we have enough time to share with you all the experiences we had in the last two months. We've been missing Dubai, the sunny days and all the the amazing people we met there. For those who forgot the reason we visited Dubai, we'll make the long story short. Invited by Arushi Bridal Couture to discover the couture world, to take a campaign shoot and to simply feel like royalties during our stay, it feels surreal to look back to these photos.


Fabulous as a state of mind

We speak Fabulous, dream Fabulous and of course we are more Fabulous than Rihanna?! How is this even possible? Because we believe in ourselves and because fabulous it's a state of mind. We created our Absolutely Fabulous t-shirt collection last year when we launched I am Absolutely Fabulous and Blondes/Brunettes are Absolutely Fabulous t-shirts and today we officially launch new quotes that make us feel strong and cool. You can find them starting today on Diva-Charms.


Utopia Collection by CONCEPTO

Get ready for UTOPIA – A Special Preview on CONCEPTO’s Fall/Winter 2015/2016 collection. Dream in colors and imagine the future!  We are more than happy to be the first to wear these amazing items from the CONCEPTO future collection. And yes, they just become our favorite items for the cold season! They are a MUST WEAR for sure! Next cold season it's all about UTOPIA!


Best Spring-Summer 2015 Collections

No, this is not a TOP. We do like rankings, but this time is more about a personal opinion we have, about our choice and our favorite SS 2015 collections. So here you have our selection of best SS2015 collections from New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks.


It’s all about perfumes

Orice femeie care isi doreste sa fie seducatoare stie ca parfumul face parte din farmecul ei. Parfumul ne contureaza personalitatea si ne face mai sexy si mai voluptoase mai increzatoare in fortele proprii. Am descoperit parfumurile Avon cand eram in liceu si ele inca ne fascineaza cu puterea lor de seductie. Today Tomorrow Always este una dintre cele mai apreciate game de parfumuri de catre clientii Avon Romania.

Bohemian Mood

Back from beautiful London (as you could see on our instagram we've been visiting London for fun & work in the last five days) we were flipping through our photos from Fashion Week and we found these shots by Josefina Andres. And since we have a thing on these two Barbara Bonner clutches we couldn't help ourselves and we had to show you these photos we took after the Trussardi show during Milan Fashion Week.

A Bride Situation

Autumn is officially here. It's cold, the sky is dark and gloomy, but when you travel to Dubai, life gets better and better and days feel warm and sunny. For those who didn't have time to check our instagram accounts, we'll tell you the long story short. The designer of Arushi Couture (who btw is an amazing woman) invited us to work with her team on a new campaign and they made us feel like two lucky queens every single day we spent there. Here you have a making of movie from the photo shoot we had for the bridal collection and please stay tuned because we have a couple of photos we really wanna share with you.



We've always been big fans of animal prints & statement jewelry, especially if we talk about Roberto Cavalli. When the  fall comes and the weather is not so generous, we decide quite often that we cannot keep our favorite items in the closet for about 3 months till spring comes. So we throw away our fuzzy socks and cashmere sweaters and pretend there is a hot summer day that demands a proper outfit, a special pair of sandals and a gorgeous necklace. It's a really good exercise to keep your styling skills intact and it's quite funny. You should try it sometimes!


Back in Milan

How not to fall in love with these beauties?! Flipping trough our photos from Milan Fashion Week we found a couple of photos which we took after Roberto Cavalli show and we just wanted to share them with you. Funny and cool, it's hard to ignore the patterns and colors of Vivetta looks, isn't it? They are pure poetry. Depicting a delicate and assertive femininity, Vivetta is a universe created under the sign of contemporary idea of elegance, all dressed up with romanticism and irony - a universe we instantly fell in love with.


Shopping is our Cardio

You have to admit that shopping is even better than a psychiatrist, a friend or a holiday sometimes.We all tremble when we see the discount stickers on shops windows or the offers we receive everyday. And we all know that is so hard to say no to the items we drool over. But in this hard moments when our budget is not so significant and you don't have enough time for shopping, we have solutions. We call them online outlet stores. If you like our outfits, you can easily order any of the items on Stilago Outlet. It's a bargain!


Best of Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta was a true inspiration who championed feminism and celebrated the modern, elegant woman.