The body worn by Beyonce and the corset made for Madonna for her Grammy Awards appearance, both items from the main MURMUR collection inspired everyone. They inspired us also, so we have decided to wear MURMUR Takeaway items during our stay in New York. Eager to feel wild, sexy and absolutely comfortable in our clothes, we said yes to playing a creative mix&match game on the streets of the city of lights with this affordable collection. Everytime you have to handle key items,  styling up your outfits gets easier and more fun if we talk about a basic black dress made of thick jersey, a shapewear dress with a technical zipper, that can reveal the cleavage or the legs, or “The Garter Leggings” or “The Suspender Leggings” - the type of leggings that you need to have in your wardrobe.


Tommy Hilfiger SS2015

Well now we are on our way to Milan, but we wanted to share with you a couple of photos we took before Tommy Hilfiger show @ New York Fashion Week. We have so many things to tell you, but so little time, so we just invite you to enjoy the photos we took before, backstage and during the show. Just check our instagram accounts to see more @fabmuse_alina & @fabmuse_diana.


Alberta Ferretti SS2015


Our new Jewelry

Right after our New York trip we flew back to Bucharest as we just told you in the previous post and no we didn't came back to become two housewives, but to change our wardrobe for Milan Fashion Week and of course do the usual...the laundry! Yes, we do this too, especially when we have a jewelry like this in our homes! Today as you probably guessed, we are going to talk about our clothes and how hard it is sometimes to take care of them.


Be Extraordinary!

Little update. How long has it been? Too much if you ask us. We feel like we haven't posted for ages, but it was hard to handle everything from New York. Back to the video above, what you see is one of the coolest projects we had this month. As we loved the L'Oreal Campaign, Extraordinary Me, and as we just came back home, we said that this is the perfect moment to share with you our passion for beauty and to encourage you believe in yourself, and to never miss the chance to feel extraordinary in your skin!


We take over New York with Air France

Fashion Month is always the best excuse to travel and have fun. And we enjoy as much as we can every single moment and the good part these days is that we work in the same time! The fact that we are in NY right now is what we've been waiting for after a very busy summer. Yes, sometimes it is hard to resist and make the best of every second of our life, but how to say no to New York Fashion Week.


The morning before NY

Greetings from lovely New York! We hope you all had a wonderful week and that you will stay connected to our instagram accounts during New York Fashion Week (@fabmuse_diana & @fabmuse_alina) just to brighten up a little bit your weekend. This time our trip to Carrie Bradshaw's city is the perfect blend between projects, shows, meetings and lots of fun with very dear friends. Before we left the country we have decided to squeeze a photo shoot for Stilago, just to have a reason to announce a really cool project we are working on for them, right now, in this moment.


Dinner in the Sand

Perfect?! Yes, this is the right word to describe the fabulous #dinnerinthesand from the last weekend. We've always been dreaming of this kind of dinner, but since it's not easy to organize it and since you need a lot of time to set up every single detail, we never actually did it. But like every dream we had, it happened. This one became reality when Dunhill Special Reserve invited us to this so special dinner, just perfect for an insta photo.


WIN an invitation: H&M Pop-Up Store

Do you absolutely adore the H&M studio A/W 2014 Collection? Well now you have the chance to WIN an invitation to an event dedicated to shopping! Wednesday, 3rd September, a special pop-up store will take place in the middle of the city just for you. You can be one of the special guests that will buy the limited edition if....


Tommy Hilfiger SS2015 @ Armureria Park Avenue

Toamna aceasta Tommy Hilfiger prezinta conceptul „First -Timers” – un nou program menit sa imbine eclectic influente digitale din diverse segmente ale industriei modei si arii de expertiza ce depasesc granitele acesteia, pentru a impartasi experienta show-ului de runway intr-o noua lumina. Tommy Hilfiger va prezenta Spring 2015 Women Collection la Armureria Park Avenue, in cadrul New York Fashion Week, luni, 8 septembrie, incepand cu orele 11:00 (04:00 ora locala) aceasta fiind prima prezentare din cadrul evenimentului, in Armurerie.


A Slice of Happiness

If you asked us a couple of years ago to pick randomly a destination, we would've said modestly Paris. Now as we sit comfortably on our chairs at the office, while our faces are glued to our smartphones while we schedule the next meetings for the spectacular New York, we realize how important is to dream big and to believe in your every single step. Who would've thought that wearing a pair of comfortable jeans or wearing a super comfy hoodie will become a real luxury. But now since we can basically wear an Oscar dress wherever we want (because we have the perfect excuse - we do it for the job - Thank God we have it!) and since we've been inspired by the last Air France Campaign we said that it is mandatory to make the impossible possible. So...Voila!


Best Summer Break - Instagoodies

We all dream of summers that last forever! Now that summer is almost over ( OMG this sounds so dramatic) we couldn't help ourselves, we took a break and we visited our seaside for the last time before the busy September (the fashion month). Of course there's always a reason to travel! We've been invited to a very special #dinnerinthesand! This was just the reason to have fun, to burn our too white skin and mostly do nothing, but being lazy ( which is quite unusual for us). These been said, our last vacation is over and we are looking forward to New York Fashion Week!


Proudly wearing H&M

No trip without a photo shoot! As we told you last week, we had the pleasure to visit Warsaw and to attend a lovely H&M event, so we couldn't say no to our new friends when they asked us to take a photo shoot wearing two full H&M outfits. We used some of our personal accessories and we've spent a whole afternoon in this amazing location, Soho Factory, which we kindly recommend you to visit.


At The Palace with H&M

Hey there sweethearts! How is your summer vacation? Since ours is over and we're back to the office we were going through the files and we have decided to post the images we shot in Poland, Warsaw, where we have been invited as special guests to a lovely event by H&M. The invitation came out of nowhere in a moment when we simply couldn't catch up with our projects, but we've been more than thrilled to spend three days in the company of such a wonderful team.



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